Matt talks about his week of travel, Craig offers up a homemade Top of The Cake, and Wendell reviews the Bill Maher anniversary special.

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People call in to apply for Wendell’s job, including Wendell.  Top of The Cake!!!  Matt spoils the latest episode of Twin Peaks, but it’s Twin Peaks, so the episode still isn’t spoiled.

Shane Mauss stops by to talk about his “A Good Trip Tour.”  Dave Waite updates us on “One Year Dave.”  Top of The Cake!!!  Wendell reviews Neon Demon.  Steve doesn’t have a mic.

Mike Black stops by to take listeners’ phone calls.  Wendell discovers he has a website.  Top of The Cake!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Waite stops by to talk about his new project, “One Year Dave: A Life Experiment.”  Craig reads the top of the “Top of The Cake.”  Wendell reviews “Fury.”

Two new segments “Things My Friend Eddie Said” and “Ask Stout” become instant classics.  Top of The Cake!!!!!  Eric upsets Craig when he says he has “a big problem” with the new Star Wars movie.

Matt, Jim, and Craig talk about San Francisco, Pride Week, The Gayness Book of World Records, acting with a Penthouse Pet, and Henry Rollins. Wendell reviews Spectre and Maze Runner.

Craig stops by to talk about Goodfellas, alt. comedy shows with gimmicks, Top of The Cake, Star Wars, tattoos, Neal Cassady, people hitting you up for touch up work in parking lots, drugs and pregnancy, 80’s drug education, and answer listeners’ questions.  Ian Bagg calls in to talk about The Last Comic Standing Tour, and

Forrest Shaw stops by to discuss “Yacht Rock,” Lionel Richie Vs. Billie Ocean, & Top of The Cake.

Dave Waite stops by to participate in Summer of Charge. Full Charge finally gets his marijuana card. Sinatra cheerfully sings about war. Wendell starts his own You Tube channel. The boys talk about Bronies. Bronies.  Also, a new Top of The Cake segment.

Mike Black stops by to tell us about Comic Con, Craig breaks of a new edition of “Top of The Cake,” and Wendell is cranky.