Ian Bagg stops by Matt’s comedy condo in Virginia Beach to talk about the last two weeks on tour.  Wendell answers the question: “Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, are you moving to Canada?”

Matt talks about socializing against his instincts, and tells the rest of the cable fiasco not covered on “Skeptic Tank.”  Ian Bagg calls in to promote his gig in Terrace, BC.  Craig Coleman drops science, and WENDELL REVEALS THAT HE IS DOWN WITH LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt and Craig talk about driving in California and cars.  Craig reviews “Inside Out” with his tears.  Ian Bagg calls in to update us on his Last Comic Standing tour.  Wendell doesn’t pick up.

FCPH Ep. 143 with Ian Bagg

Sunday, 13 September 2015 by

Ian Bagg stops by to talk about his recent appearances on Last Comic Standing.

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Ian Bagg stops by to be the funniest dude on the planet.

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