Matt talks about a show he did in Fresno.  Darren talks about an outdoor gig in the middle of a lightning storm.  TOP OF THE CAKE!!!  Wendell gets in a road rage confrontation.  Matt tries to put Wendell on a diet and exercise regiment.  Wendell tries to review Ghost in the Shell, even though he

Darren and Wendell come by to talk about Metallica, Wendell’s typical work day, and Wendell’s skills on the mic.

The boys start hour 3 in their attempt to tape 6 hours of content before Matt hits the road for a 5 week tour.

The “Mugs Without Handles” crew tests their skills on the mic.

Darren Carter starts a party in my living room.

Murray Valeriano and Darren Carter stop by to crack up Matt and Wendell. Darren is promoting his new album “Stay At Home Stripper.” stay-at-home-stripper on Itunes