Dave Waite stops by to participate in Summer of Charge. Full Charge finally gets his marijuana card. Sinatra cheerfully sings about war. Wendell starts his own You Tube channel. The boys talk about Bronies. Bronies.  Also, a new Top of The Cake segment.

Mike Black stops by to tell us about Comic Con, Craig breaks of a new edition of “Top of The Cake,” and Wendell is cranky.

Craig and Kevin stop by to talk about 4th of July Shennanigans, and breaking into peoples’ houses. Kevin talks about using a Port a Potty while a crowd of people waiting to watch fireworks stand outside.

Matt and Craig are both back from the road to talk about their adventures. Eric talks about his fights with fellow XBox players, and getting annihilated at Reiser’s 40th.

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The disfunction is back on The Power Hour this week when Bryan Erwin from Hollywood Anonymous won’t let up on a sleep deprived Craig Coleman.

Craig Coleman comes by to talk about stand up, work, and recap Matt and Con’s St. Patrick’s Day Shennanigans.

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Matt is back in Los Angeles and reunited with The Dream Team: Craig Coleman, Eric Wendell, and Steve.

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