The boys continue their attempt to tape 6 hours of content before Matt hits the road for a 5 week tour.

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The boys begin their attempt to tape 6 hours of content before Matt hits the road for a 5 week tour.

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Mike Black stops by to take listeners’ phone calls.  Wendell discovers he has a website.  Top of The Cake!!!!!!!!!!!

Forrest Shaw stops by to spin Yacht Rock Classics.  The boys take listeners’ phone calls.  Wendell gets extremely angry in traffic.  Forrest talks about hanging out with Axl Rose in Las Vegas.

Dave Waite stops by to talk about his new project, “One Year Dave: A Life Experiment.”  Craig reads the top of the “Top of The Cake.”  Wendell reviews “Fury.”

Craig Coleman & Eric Wendell stop by to take listeners’ phone calls.

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  Eric Wendell, and Craig & Karen Coleman stop by to talk music, politics, and movies.  

Matt is back in Los Angeles and reunited with the entire crew: Radio Rando, Craig Coleman, & Eric Wendell.

FCPH Ep. 172

Sunday, 20 March 2016 by

Matt calls the boys.

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Pat Dixon & Scott Sharp stop by to talk about Matt’s recent trips to New Orleans and Terrace, British Columbia.

Matt talks about socializing against his instincts, and tells the rest of the cable fiasco not covered on “Skeptic Tank.”  Ian Bagg calls in to promote his gig in Terrace, BC.  Craig Coleman drops science, and WENDELL REVEALS THAT HE IS DOWN WITH LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt does a bunch of mediocre impressions, then shits on people who are actually good at them.  Wendell accepts food from his neighbors.

Two new segments “Things My Friend Eddie Said” and “Ask Stout” become instant classics.  Top of The Cake!!!!!  Eric upsets Craig when he says he has “a big problem” with the new Star Wars movie.

Bryan Erwin stops by to talk about The Comedy Store. Matt pays $20 to get in to a strip club that features NO strippers, Dave Waite randomly stops by, Eric Wendell gets called while at work.

Wendell gets caught on tape saying something racist. The boys take listener’s phone calls.

Matt and Craig talk about driving in California and cars.  Craig reviews “Inside Out” with his tears.  Ian Bagg calls in to update us on his Last Comic Standing tour.  Wendell doesn’t pick up.

Craig stops by to talk about Goodfellas, alt. comedy shows with gimmicks, Top of The Cake, Star Wars, tattoos, Neal Cassady, people hitting you up for touch up work in parking lots, drugs and pregnancy, 80’s drug education, and answer listeners’ questions.  Ian Bagg calls in to talk about The Last Comic Standing Tour, and

Matt gets in trouble for last week’s podcast.  Craig has road rage.  Wendell wakes up cranky.

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3 guys bullshit for an hour.

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Ryan Stout stops by to talk about wearing the suit, dealing with the suits, the current stand up comedy audiences, and the evil of internet bloggers.

Forrest Shaw stops by to discuss “Yacht Rock,” Lionel Richie Vs. Billie Ocean, & Top of The Cake.

Matt gets busted talking shit about his neighbors. Ryan Stout gives incredible legal advice (not that it’s that outstanding, it’s just you don’t know shit about your rights).

This is the worst episode in our history, until something happens (I can’t tell you what), and then it becomes the best episode in our history.

Darren Carter starts a party in my living room.