Matt talks about his week in New York.  Craig tells tall tales of Union Station.  Wendell discusses a fight he got in at work, and reviews Deja Vu.

Matt and Giggles talk about their vacation, and Matt’s recent week in New York City.  Craig talks about his desire to talk about DMT.

Matt and Craig trade Brody Stevens stories.  Wendell reviews The Academy Awards.

Shane Mauss comes by to talk about his science themed tour, and his new documentary.

Ep. 322 Giggles and The Boys

Sunday, 27 January 2019 by

Giggles sits in to laugh at Matt’s jokes.

Lance Weiss and Scott Sharp stop by to chop it up.

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In this controversial episode, Wendell summons Jody Foster’s Army.

Craig goes to an anime festival.  Wendell sues United.

Matt talks about getting ripped off by casino comedy clubs.  Wendell calls back a telemarketer to curse him out, and reviews the hot new movie “Fletch” with Chevy Chase.

Matt calls Craig to talk about work, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and language in the modern world.

Ep. 289 with Dave Waite

Sunday, 27 May 2018 by

Dave Waite stops by the studio to kick it with the entire crew.

Ep. 288 with Mike Black

Sunday, 20 May 2018 by

Mike Black stops by to talk to Craig, while Matt & Wendell call in on a questionable phoneline.

Matt calls into Craig and Wendell at The All Things Comedy Studio.

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Craig witnesses an arrest.  Matt and Wendell decide to join the military.

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Matt and Craig look at the bright side.

The boys come by to goof around.

Wendell threatens his neighbor with a crowbar.

Craig explains how his wife “fell” in love with him.  Wendell and Matt review some shows, and talk shit about The President of The United States of America.

Pat & Craig stop by to talk about Gremlins, Police Academy, & Star Wars.

Wendell admits he is an internet troll with a fake account with a “real name.”

Matt & Craig talk about dispensaries, Game of Thrones, and Led Zeppelin.  Wendell reviews 3 movies.

The Full Charge Power Hour Crew is reunited, and it feels so good.

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People call in to apply for Wendell’s job, including Wendell.  Top of The Cake!!!  Matt spoils the latest episode of Twin Peaks, but it’s Twin Peaks, so the episode still isn’t spoiled.

Kevin and Matt recount their adventures in New York City this past Spring.  Wendell reviews A Cure For Wellness and completely misses June 11th.