On The Season Premiere of The Full Charge Power Hour, Wendell philosophizes about life in general. Claude Stuart stops by to reminisce about the open mic days. Wendell guest hosts for about 5 seconds, sleeps through the movie he was supposed to review, and pitches a new TV Show about airport employees. The boys talk about blood drives, temp jobs, and Hollywood comedy managers. Wendell bitches about his NEW job. Matt analyses Wendell’s anger management style, and the boys discuss the way criminals dress for court. Wendell reviews the classic movie: “The Hitcher.”

The boys talk about performing comedy for rich teenagers, and bars in Centerville, VA.  Craig tells stories about in-laws, child birth, and Disney related drug abuse.  Wendell talks about going head to head with his neighbors in a music blasting war.  Wendell reviews “Killing Season.”

Who’s House?  Your Mom’s House.  Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky stop by to talk about Wendell’s energy drink investment fiasco.  Wendell’s Mom writes in to tell us she was shocked by last week’s episode.  The gang also talks about Andrew “Dice” Clay, Bringer shows, TK, Twitter, masturbating in public, shitting in public, Matt staying at

Radio Rando stops by to harass Wendell and talk about fireworks and cars, and the fact that Wendell doesn’t know whether his father went to Vietnam or not.  Think about that for a second.

While The Full Charge is away, The Power Hour will play.  Matt Fulchiron sits poolside in Las Vegas, nowhere near a microphone as Mike Black and Bryan Erwin stop by Downtown LA to talk about fighting crime, rage charged chimps, and “Man of Steel” with guest host Craig Coleman.  Shut up.  You love it.  This

Dave Waite stops by to talk about Wendell’s dissatisfaction with his termination from United and The Crab Feast.   The boys talk about Father’s Day, Taylor Chapman, and Customer Service.  The new ‘Ask Wendell’ segment has Eric answering questions about Gay Marriage, and Religion.  Matt declares war on Mad TV and Horatio Sans.  Wendell reviews ‘This

Wendell was a fiend..Before he became a teen.  He melted microphones instead of cones of ice cream. The boys talk about celebrity run ins.  Wendell reviews The Internship.  It’s really funny, you should listen.

Claude Stuart stops by to talk about armed robbery, his bachelor party, and road-doggin’ with The Full Charge.  Wendell condemns Hangover III to death.

Patrick Keane and John Park stop by to test out our new sound effects in the funniest episode yet.

Jay Larson stops by to mix it up with Bryan Erwin, Craig Coleman, Eric Alan Wendell, and your host Matt Fulchiron: The Full Charge.

The boys listen to voice messages from Eric Wendell.  Matt tells stories about meeting Kerry King, his “fans,” and a confrontation in Indianapolis.

Kevin Christy stops by to talk about Wendell not being able to make it, unions, LA high schools training kids to be gardeners, and Matt’s first apartment hunting experience in LA.  Kevin dismisses all sexual hang ups.  Buying and downloading porn in the 90’s.  The boys explain that God is not real, but also admit

The boys talk about going to see Metallica, Lollapolooza, hooking up with The Get Along Gang, Carl Thurman skiing up a beach, and cheating death.  Eric Alan Wendell reviews “Behind The Pines,” and “Phil Spector.”

Matt, Craig Coleman, Eric Alan Wendell, and “Dave” talk about how Wendell is unhappy with Radio Rando, We go over Eric Wendell’s film career, and Matt talks about the experience of being on The Craig Ferguson Show.

The Boys talk about Easter.  Wendell hits a Code Orange anger level reliving his 7 terminations from United Airlines.

Wendell says something racist before the podcast starts.  Matt wills himself onto a private jet.  Craig gets the surprise of his life.  Wendell almost reviews “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”  The boys talk about comedies, scary movies, ghosts, Scarlett Johansson, Zooey Deschanel, and Chris Wessman.

The boys talk about calling 911 and New Years Eve 2000.

The best first episode of anything ever. Matt Fulchiron talks about opening for Brandon Flowers. Craig Coleman talks about opening for My Chemical Romance. Eric Wendell reviews Identity Thief. We make fun of Star Wars people.