Ep. 392 Zoom Party

Matt adds Craig and Wendell to the first Full Charge Power Hour Zoom party.  The guys talk about Mitch Hedberg, blocking people on Instagram, public transportation, private jets, fear of heights, jumping off of bridges for fun, the new term “Karen,” dogs not on leashes, acting, auditions, professional poker, and Las Vegas.  Matt goes through … Read more

Ep. 391 Chainsaw’s Legacy

Matt calls Craig and Wendell to talk about the word chick, cargo pants, the benefits to moving to the sticks, unemployment benefits, Las Vegas, Reno, and Dean Cameron.  Wendell reviews the trailer for Unhinged, and Joker.

Ep. 390 Group Mentality

Matt calls up Craig and Wendell to talk about his 2 days of zen.  The conversation soon turns to road rage, therapy, lobotomies, fake martial arts, cults, and Wendell’s gang banger coworkers.  Wendell reviews “Hustlers.”

Ep. 389 Not an Essential Worker

Matt calls the boys to talk about murder hornets, cursing in the midwest, Christianity in America, sitting next to questionable people on an airplane, and Natalie Wood’s death.  Wendell reviews Extraction, and The Last Dance.

Ep. 388 The Meisner Technique

Matt, Craig, and Wendell talk about acting class, The Meisner Technique, Georgia reopening, the fall of The US, and conspiracy theories.  Matt thought he had The Corona Virus for about 5 minutes.  Matt’s ex-roommates have a famous washer and dryer.  Wendell continues to go to work, gets in a fight with Hollister, and reviews Tiger … Read more

Ep. 387 Kevin Shea part 2: They’re Terrible at What They Expect Us To Do

The second half of our phone call with Kevin Shea.  The guys talk about Dating in LA in the late 90’s, unemployment benefits, Matt’s plan to get off twitter, how instagram is better than playboy, matching pajamas, National Horny Day, Matt’s mother in law setting up a playdate for him, Kevin receiving racist comments, and … Read more

Ep. 386 Kevin Shea part 1: I Lose All The Time

The guys head out to their make shift studios to talk about the beginning of the Quarantine, Quitting Twitter, Social Media, Live Streaming Shows, Taping a Television Show, Alcohol, Facebook Spam, Wendell’s Internet Arguments, and falling for the Hollywood version of romance.

Ep. 385 When You Diss Craig, You Diss Yourself

Matt and Craig discuss their current quarantine conditions.  Other topics include smog and traffic in LA, social media, blaming Obama and Hillary Clinton, expensive take out, Del Taco vs. Taco Bell, New York pizza’s involvement in the drug business., Goodfellas, Henry Hill, Casino, The Irishman, Wendell’s diet, and the fact that there’s finally no more … Read more

Ep. 384 with The Entire Crew

Matt calls Craig, Randy, and Wendell.  Giggles sits in every once in a while.  The crew discusses the current social distancing situation, the older generation’s response to the pandemic, stuffed ham, crabs, Ozark, High Maintenance, and The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.  Wendell discusses the 2 jobs he is still working at every day, and reviews … Read more

Ep. 380 Heart to Heart

Matt and Craig talk about living that sequestered life.  Craig goes to see a known gangster’s seminar.  Wendell tells tales of peeling out in parking lots, and WORKING with known gangsters.  The boys discuss how bizarre television was in the 80’s.

Ep. 378 “Homemade Navy Seals”

Matt calls Craig to talk about how tired he is.  The guys discuss Flava’ Flav leaving Public Enemy, and Craig’s take on The JFK Assassination.  Wendell reviews American Assassin and Hunters.

Ep. 377 All Subjects are Sore Subjects

Matt calls Wendell and Craig on a whim.  Wendell buys a “coffee drink,” and reviews the Michael Vick 30 for 30.  Craig works at a luxurious Penthouse.  Matt goes on vacation.

Ep. 375 ……To Get My Fair Share of Abuse

Matt and Giggles talk about “Sex and The City,” and Matt’s first protest.  Craig contributes a solid dose of “Top of The Cake!”  Wendell reviews “The Rise of Skywalker,” and “Don’t F*ck With Cats.”

Ep. 374 Victory Lap

Matt & Giggles call Wendell & Craig to talk about how great last week’s episode was.  Wendell goes to Dallas, and reveals though he has enough money to move out of his apartment, he doesn’t have the time to make it happen.   Wendell reviews The Kitchen and Stuber.

Ep. 373 Beat The Clock

Matt, Craig Coleman, & Tim Conlon meet at The All Things Comedy Studio to talk about the history of The Full Charge Power Hour, traffic, and Australia.  The boys call Wendell to try and find out why he hasn’t made it in to the studio yet.  Matt and Wendell argue over scheduling until Wendell reviews … Read more

Ep. 371 Let It Out

Matt and Giggles sit down to talk about Matt’s recent visit to a high school to talk about stand up comedy as a career.  The conversation also covers their cat Penny, Australia, neanderthals, and crocodiles vs. alligators. Wendell calls in to talk about Three Identical Strangers, internet dating in 1999, and The Golden Globes.

Ep. 370 Almost Famous

Full Charge freestyles!!!  Matt and Giggles discuss the perfect Pandora station.  Matt discusses Bobby Slayton’s policy of not letting anyone buy you a drink.  Everyone keeps asking Matt if he knows famous people. Craig calls in to discuss Union Station.  Wendell fights with his neighbors, decorates for Christmas, and reviews White Boy Rick.

Ep. 369 Defending David Caruso

Matt calls Craig to talk about his trip to New Orleans, internet trolls, therapy, Christmas presents, and Party Conversations. Wendell talks about his work schedule, his neighbors, and his diet.  Matt reviews Parasite.  Craig reviews The Rise of Skywalker.  Wendell reviews 6 Underground, and for some reason claims that David Caruso has no career.  Matt … Read more