Matt and Tim’s band finally get a record deal.  Radio Rando requests some old school classics.

Radio Rando & Tim Conlon stop by to talk music, and play DJ.  The conversation leads to Face Time, & Christina Hendricks.  Wendell reviews “Get Out.”

Forrest Shaw stops by to quiz Tim & Lucy about their Yacht Rock knowledge.

Matt is back in LA and kickin’ it old school with Tim & Craig.  Wendell gives his opinion of the United overbooked flight.

Henry Phillips stops by to talk about his new movie, “Punching Henry.”

Wendell tries his best to review a movie before his secret identity is revealed

Radio Rando, Tim Conlon, & Eric Wendell stop by to DJ your Holiday Party.

Tim Conlon stops by to talk about AirBNB, The House of Pain Riot of ’92, and The “Gringo” Documentary.  Wendell discusses his dental situation and reviews 1990’s “What About Bob.”

Two new segments “Things My Friend Eddie Said” and “Ask Stout” become instant classics.  Top of The Cake!!!!!  Eric upsets Craig when he says he has “a big problem” with the new Star Wars movie.

Wendell gets caught on tape saying something racist. The boys take listener’s phone calls.

This is the worst episode in our history, until something happens (I can’t tell you what), and then it becomes the best episode in our history.

Craig Coleman comes by to talk about stand up, work, and recap Matt and Con’s St. Patrick’s Day Shennanigans.

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