Pat & Craig stop by to talk about Gremlins, Police Academy, & Star Wars.

Mike Black stops by to talk Instagram, take listener’s phone calls, and argue Star Wars with Wendell.

  Eric Wendell, and Craig & Karen Coleman stop by to talk music, politics, and movies.  

FCPH Ep. 166 with Ian Bagg

Sunday, 21 February 2016 by

Matt and Ian Bagg talk shop on a Winter’s Day in Albany, NY.  Craig’s UFO Corner.  Wendell reviews 3/4’s of The Revenant.  Ian and Wendell argue over Star Wars.  Wendell expresses his love for King Tut Jr.

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Matt calls Craig to talk about his 3 step pre-mugging precautionary measures.  Wendell downgrades his review of Star Wars to 3 out of 10 Ice Cream Trucks.

Two new segments “Things My Friend Eddie Said” and “Ask Stout” become instant classics.  Top of The Cake!!!!!  Eric upsets Craig when he says he has “a big problem” with the new Star Wars movie.

FCPH Ep. 157 with Craig Coleman

Sunday, 20 December 2015 by

Matt talks about The Goddamn Comedy Jam, hanging with Sarah Silverman for 5 seconds, and showering in public with the homeless.  Craig talks about hanging with Khloe Kardashian, and working with racists.  Top of The Cake!!!  Wendell complains Matt doesn’t give him enough time to prepare for the show before mentioning that he has tickets

Craig stops by to talk about Goodfellas, alt. comedy shows with gimmicks, Top of The Cake, Star Wars, tattoos, Neal Cassady, people hitting you up for touch up work in parking lots, drugs and pregnancy, 80’s drug education, and answer listeners’ questions.  Ian Bagg calls in to talk about The Last Comic Standing Tour, and

Ryan Stout stops by to talk about wearing the suit, dealing with the suits, the current stand up comedy audiences, and the evil of internet bloggers.