Matt and Tim’s band finally get a record deal.  Radio Rando requests some old school classics.

Radio Rando comes over to talk about his perfect day as a married guy.  The boys talk hip hop.  Matt reveals a song he was on 7 years ago.  Matt and Randy try to guess Wendell’s weight.

Radio Rando shows up to talk about remixes, reboots, and politics. More name drops on this episode than any other.

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Ep. 259 with Radio Rando

Sunday, 29 October 2017 by

Radio Rando stops by to talk about hip hop samples, combovers, and Halloween.

Radio Rando & Tim Conlon stop by to talk music, and play DJ.  The conversation leads to Face Time, & Christina Hendricks.  Wendell reviews “Get Out.”

The Full Charge Power Hour the way nature intended.

Henry Phillips stops by to talk about his new movie, “Punching Henry.”

Radio Rando stops by so that The Full Charge Power Hour can form like Voltron.

Radio Rando, Tim Conlon, & Eric Wendell stop by to DJ your Holiday Party.

Sunah Bilsted joins Radio Rando and Matt to take listeners’ phone calls and talk shop.

Radio Rando stops by to give relationship and dating advice to listeners.  Randy makes Wendell join Tinder.

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Matt is back in Los Angeles and reunited with the entire crew: Radio Rando, Craig Coleman, & Eric Wendell.

Matt gets in trouble for last week’s podcast.  Craig has road rage.  Wendell wakes up cranky.

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Matt hosts “The Classic Crab Feast” reunion when Ryan Sickler and Radio Rando stop by to catch up.

Radio Rando stops by to talk about early hip hop, seeing David Cross and Bob Odenkirk on set of their new show “With Bob and David,” Matt’s love life, and Wendell’s movie reviews.

The skateboard episode. Radio Rando stop by to talk shop about The Washington DC skateboard scene. Radio Rando harasses Eric Wendell over the phone.

Matt gets a full house in Vegas then comes home to find one in his own living room when Radio Rando stops by to complete the original Full Charge Power Hour line up.    So, when you see us on the real, formin like Voltron, remember we got deep like a Navy Seal.

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