Ep. 214 with Kevin Shea

Sunday, 25 December 2016 by

Matt and Kevin Shea make with the controversy.

Kevin Shea stops by for the final hour of The Full Charge Power Hour Telethon.

FCPH Ep. 196 The Full Charge Power Hour Telethon Part 5 with Kevin Shea, Craig Coleman, & Eric Wendell.

Matt gets busted talking shit about his neighbors. Ryan Stout gives incredible legal advice (not that it’s that outstanding, it’s just you don’t know shit about your rights).

FCPH Ep. 131 with Kevin Shea

Thursday, 09 July 2015 by

Matt and Kevin discuss the Yin & Yang, Good Cop / Bad Cop dynamic they have when teaming up to socialize with the opposite sex.

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Craig and Kevin stop by to talk about 4th of July Shennanigans, and breaking into peoples’ houses. Kevin talks about using a Port a Potty while a crowd of people waiting to watch fireworks stand outside.

Kevin Shea stops by to talk about his and Matt’s recent escapades in The Los Angeles area.

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