Matt & Craig talk about dispensaries, Game of Thrones, and Led Zeppelin.  Wendell reviews 3 movies.

Ep. 249 with Claude Stuart

Monday, 21 August 2017 by

Claude Stuart stops by to create the best 2 hours of your life.

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The Full Charge Power Hour Crew is reunited, and it feels so good.

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Matt sits down on a park bench and drops science.

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Matt talks about his recent travels.

Ep. 245 with Louis Katz

Sunday, 23 July 2017 by

Matt and Louis talk shop about performing live and social media.

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Ep. 244 with Louis Katz

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 by

Matt and Louis Katz review their shenanigans over the past week.

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Matt, Craig, and Wendell meet at All Things Comedy studios to discuss why Wendell is present, even though Matt uninvited him.

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People call in to apply for Wendell’s job, including Wendell.  Top of The Cake!!!  Matt spoils the latest episode of Twin Peaks, but it’s Twin Peaks, so the episode still isn’t spoiled.

Matt calls Kevin Shea to find out why Kevin didn’t make it in to the studio.  Wendell reviews “CHIPS.”  Matt declares war on Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard.

Kevin and Matt recount their adventures in New York City this past Spring.  Wendell reviews A Cure For Wellness and completely misses June 11th.

Wendell explains his Angry Birds Band Aid.  Craig talks about his run ins with local taggers.  The boys open a gift from a listener.  Wendell talks about his international travel, and reviews Life.

Craig shows up sleep deprived to hang with an also sleep deprived Matt. Craig tells tales of 9 to 5ers. Matt talks about taking a Greyhound to Phoenix, and the trip he’s about to take to Calgary. Wendell is still drunk from Reiser’s bar b que, and reviews the Bernie Madof movie and the new

Radio Rando & Tim Conlon stop by to talk music, and play DJ.  The conversation leads to Face Time, & Christina Hendricks.  Wendell reviews “Get Out.”

Dave Waite, Logan Guntzelman, & Eric Wendell to talk about the origin of Wendell, Chris Cornell, One Year Dave, the dental industry, and “Fist Fight.”

The Full Charge Power Hour the way nature intended.

Matt talks about a show he did in Fresno.  Darren talks about an outdoor gig in the middle of a lightning storm.  TOP OF THE CAKE!!!  Wendell gets in a road rage confrontation.  Matt tries to put Wendell on a diet and exercise regiment.  Wendell tries to review Ghost in the Shell, even though he

Forrest Shaw stops by to quiz Tim & Lucy about their Yacht Rock knowledge.

Ep. 232 Earth Day

Sunday, 23 April 2017 by

Matt, Craig, and Wendell talk about Earth Day (for 2 seconds at the end).  Craig talks about his security guard co-worker.  Wendell talks about how he got his busted.

Matt is back in LA and kickin’ it old school with Tim & Craig.  Wendell gives his opinion of the United overbooked flight.

Matt calls Craig & Wendell from his parents’ house in Maryland.

Matt calls Craig & Wendell from the East Coast.

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Matt reboots episode 227 with the help of Eric Wendell.

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Henry Phillips stops by to talk about his new movie, “Punching Henry.”