Matt and Craig catch up.  Eric Wendell wakes up.

Radio Rando comes in to mediate the ongoing T-shirt wars on The Power Hour.

Radio Rando stops by to mediate the ongoing feud between Matt, Craig and Wendell

Matt and Craig read tweets from the fans which inspires Matt to talk about a girl he once dated.  Craig goes to court.  Matt reviews “A Band Called Death.” Craig tells tales from Site Rep Land.

Matt and Craig read tweets from the listeners.  Craig reads a Facebook message he got from Wendell.  Craig talks about the racist day laborer he hired.  Craig’s grandfather kills Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and his father steals watermelons.  Matt tells tales of police scanners at his parents’ house in Southern Maryland.

Josh Adam Meyers stops by to talk about The Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, making out with girls, and getting ripped off by other comics.

2 old friends Radio Rando and Dan Supko stop by to talk about The Full Charge vs. Wendell T-Shirt Fiasco, Vegan Thanksgiving, Hollywood Thanksgivings, and underage drinking back in Virginia.

The boys talk about Steven Tyler, and Twitter disses. Polite is the new rude.  Wendell reviews Thor and rents a whore.

The guys get sexy

Matt is completely unprepared and the podcast suffers.

The Power Hour the way nature intended.

The lost episode.

The boys mix it up.

Adam Richmond stops by.

Ryan Sickler stops by to let ya’ll know.

Eric Edwards stops by.  Everyone fights.  Porn.

Matt and Craig talk about Wendell, work, and inappropriate conversations.

Josh Adam Meyers stops by to talk about Matt’s East Coast Tour. Wendell reviews 3 movies that have been out for centuries.

Eddie Negron, AKA: Storm God stops by to stroll down memory lane.  The boys discuss working office jobs in their twenties, and “White House Down” and the other movie that other movie that’s just like “White House Down.”

Matt stops by Craig’s house to talk about Cazwell, drinking, New York City, The DMV, car trouble, calling your parents, slummin’ it, walking in on people using the bathroom, teenage pregnancy, buying porn before the internet, Big Brother magazine, cheetah print, tough comedy shows, doing comedy at an old folks’ home.  Wendell leaves a movie

Ian Bagg stops by on Matt’s birthday to listen to Wendell’s angry voicemails.  The boys talk about Cheetah Print, Oversunbathing, Justin Beiber, Beyoncé, and Wendell gets fired again.  Wendell reviews 2 Guns.

Matt cracks from the pressure of Wendell before the show even starts.  Wendell performs his stand up material and tells horrible stories that go nowhere.  The boys talk about Craig’s court date, how cute girls think they’re above general order, how much “Mark” gets laid, and Byron Allen TV shows get made fun of.  Matt finally makes

Bryan Erwin comes by to welcome Wendell back from his hiatus.  The boys discuss The Power Hour scheduling procedure, Wendell’s ego, calling the cops on trespassers, crack cocaine, poor drug trades, Catholic Guilt, and Wendell and Craig’s side project podcasts.  The boys do a dry run through of Wendell’s new podcast “Wend-Tells.” Matt moves to

The boys seek refuge in Craig’s apartment to talk about phone conversations with Wendell, buying an iphone, doing comedy for people one on one, youporn, sexual hang ups, entertaining guests in Los Angeles, the decline of sexual intercourse in a relationship, finding out you’ve been dumped via Facebook, visitors bearing handguns, and tedious conversations about