Dave Waite stops by to talk about The Power Hour’s Ex-Intern, Matt’s Ex-Girlfriend, Public Transportation, Last Comic Standing, performing on Jimmy Fallon, and The Huntington Funnybone.  Eric Wendell reviews X-Men Days of Future Past and Ride Along.

Eric Alan Wendell stops by before Reiser’s poker game to talk about Godzilla, Boba Fett, The Dukes of Hazzard, Megan Fox, and explain the game (Texas Holdem).

Craig Coleman and Aron Kader stop by to talk about stand up gigs, politics, and pop culture.

A homesick Full Charge calls all the OG members of The Full Charge Power Hour from the comedy condo in Virginia Beach.

Matt stops by East Willamsburg to kick it with the hilarious Louis Katz and Kris Tinkle.

Two of the funniest guys on Planet Earth, Mike Black and Craig Coleman, stop by to talk about their week.  Mike gives bad medical advice that actually works.  We resolve our issues with Wendell.

Kevin Shea and Jacob Sirof stop by to scream and shout, and turn this mothafuckin’ podcast out.

DC’s own Brandon Wardell stops by to talk about cell phone usage in public, Twitter stars, picking up girls in the 21st century, proper green room etiquette, and making one’s way in Los Angeles. We call Josh ________ and bust his balls. Craig tells tales of an Alaskan music festival. Eric Wendell reviews the TV

Craig Coleman stops by to talk about bad neighborhoods, spoiled rich kids, and bad LSD trips.  Josh _________ calls in from the MTV Awards.  Eric Alan Wendell reviews “Sabotage.”

Craig and Rando stop by to talk about Matt’s living situation, Craig’s camping history, and Rando’s sane justice to a grocery store parking lot solicitor.  Wendell reviews “Bad Words.”

Radio Rando stops by to talk about Matt’s recent road trips, buying pants, and the proper time to ask a woman to marry you.  Eric Wendell joins in on the phone to review 3 Days To Kill and “Da’ Virgins.”

Ian 45 Carey stops by to talk about music, creativity, and shenanigans in small town college life in MD.

Kevin Shea stops by to talk about our simultaneous parallel trip to Anchorage, AK, racism, comedy, and filming homemade porn.

Craig Coleman stops by.  T-Shirt Gate continues.

Craig Coleman stops buy to talk about Matt’s new party lifestyle, Randy’s “free” couch, Bill Murray sightings, stripper pole schools, making rent from out of nowhere, The Surprise Store, and getting away from the cops even when you don’t deserve to.  Wendell calls in to review The Monument Men.  Joey Diaz calls in for a

Eric Wendell stops by to place some wagers on this year’s Academy Awards.

Craig Coleman is back!  The boys talk about Matt’s to do list and call Wendell on the new donated phone system.

Marty Laquidara stops by to talk about Tribble Runs and tough comedy shows.  Eric Wendell reviews Dallas Buyer’s Club, and Nebraska.

Occasionally Awesome’s Nick Youssef stops by Matt’s apartment to talk about walking in LA.  Wendell finally reviews American Hustle.

Craig Coleman stops by Matt’s apartment to talk about this and that.

Eric Wendell stops by to give his Oscar picks even though he hasn’t seen half of the movies nominated.

Claude Stuart stops by to talk about all the things that annoy The Full Charge.  We answer your questions, we tell road stories, and Wendell calls in to review Fletch.

Craig stops by Matt’s apartment to talk about rude rental car girls, dudes asking for free rides, getting pulled over by Arizona police, green room rules, and MLK violence. We answer your twitter questions, and make fun of your dumb asses.  Wendell calls up to review Lone Survivor……again.  He also reviews that Jack Ryan movie.

Radio Rando stops by to talk about going out to meet your girlfriend’s guy friends, Day Care movie deals, and Wendell reviews Costa Rica.