Ep. 222 with Craig & Wendell

Sunday, 19 February 2017 by

Craig Coleman stops by unexpected for an impromptu podcast.

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Ep. 221 with Craig Coleman

Sunday, 12 February 2017 by

Craig Coleman stops by to talk about Super Bowl Sunday, and racism at Union Station.  Wendell gets on the phone and the boys talk about the nature of social media.

Craig witnesses a kid defecating in public.  Matt gets reprimanded for Wendell’s actions on Facebook.

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Ep. 219 with Craig & Wendell

Monday, 30 January 2017 by

Wendell gets kicked off Facebook.

Ep. 218 with Patrick Keane

Sunday, 22 January 2017 by

Pat Keane stops by to drop science.

Radio Rando stops by so that The Full Charge Power Hour can form like Voltron.

Ryan Stout, Craig Coleman, and Dave Waite stop by to talk Rogue One, cell phone plans, and One Year Dave.

Graham Elwood stops by to promote his movie “Ear Buds.”  Craig talks about his experience on the set of his latest acting job.  Wendell sees “Rogue One” an hour before anyone on the West Coast.

Ep. 214 with Kevin Shea

Sunday, 25 December 2016 by

Matt and Kevin Shea make with the controversy.

The boys go for the record of the longest intro to a podcast.

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Forrest Shaw quizzes Matt, Craig, and Joe Bartnick on their Yacht Rock knowledge.

Darren and Wendell come by to talk about Metallica, Wendell’s typical work day, and Wendell’s skills on the mic.

Craig Coleman & Mike Black come over to talk about Darth Vader, Adolf Hitler, and Donald Trump.

Radio Rando, Tim Conlon, & Eric Wendell stop by to DJ your Holiday Party.

Ian Bagg stops by Matt’s comedy condo in Virginia Beach to talk about the last two weeks on tour.  Wendell answers the question: “Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, are you moving to Canada?”

Matt and Anthony talk about lifeguarding on Patuxent River Naval Base.  Wendell reviews “Before The Flood.”

Matt and his Southern Maryland pal, Anthony, call Craig to update him about The Subletting Fiasco.  Wendell talks 2016 election, and reviews this season of South Park.  Matt and Anthony talk about their glory days at The Base Pool.

Matt tells Craig and Wendell about his latest apartment subletting fiasco.

Matt stops by Scott Sharp’s place to call Craig and Eric Wendell.

Matt stops by Scott Sharp’s place to call Craig and Eric Wendell

Stranded in Erie, PA, Matt rocks the mic solo for the second week in a row.

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Matt’s on a roll / It’s time to go solo!!!

The boys crash The All Things Comedy Studios to talk about Matt renting out his apartment, & The movie “Thor.” Wendell doesn’t review “The Magnificent Seven.”

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Tim Conlon stops by to talk about AirBNB, The House of Pain Riot of ’92, and The “Gringo” Documentary.  Wendell discusses his dental situation and reviews 1990’s “What About Bob.”