Matt talks about his week in New York.  Craig tells tall tales of Union Station.  Wendell discusses a fight he got in at work, and reviews Deja Vu.

Matt catches up with Tim Hanlon & Matt Bellak from The Fresh Drunk Stoned Crew.

Matt talks about his weekend in Champaign, IL.  Top of The Cake!!!  Wendell reviews “Widow” & “Leaving Neverland.”

Matt and Giggles talk about their vacation, and Matt’s recent week in New York City.  Craig talks about his desire to talk about DMT.

Matt and Craig trade Brody Stevens stories.  Wendell reviews The Academy Awards.

Shane Mauss comes by to talk about his science themed tour, and his new documentary.

Matt and Giggles call Wendell to discuss Hate mail and The Super Bowl.

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Ep. 323 Rampage!!!!

Tuesday, 05 February 2019 by

Ep. 322 Giggles and The Boys

Sunday, 27 January 2019 by

Giggles sits in to laugh at Matt’s jokes.

Lance Weiss and Scott Sharp stop by to chop it up.

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Ep. 320 Part 2

Sunday, 13 January 2019 by

Ep. 320 Part 1

Sunday, 13 January 2019 by

Ep. 319 The Year of The Charge

Sunday, 06 January 2019 by

Ep. 318 Happy New Year

Tuesday, 01 January 2019 by

Ep. 317 Pump Up The Volume

Monday, 17 December 2018 by

Wendell talks about his dreams.

Ep. 316 “Justice People”

Sunday, 09 December 2018 by

Wendell reveals his new diet.

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Craig tells tales from his days in Alaska.

Ep. 314 “Hangin’ Tough”

Monday, 26 November 2018 by

Matt is back home and in a great mood.  Matt gets disrespectful.  Wendell reviews Little Drummer Girl.

Ep. 313 Against All Odds

Monday, 19 November 2018 by

Matt talks about all the technical difficulties he faced putting on this episode.  Matt talks about his week.  Wendell reviews Homecoming.  Matt talks about hanging with Michael Shannon.

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Ep. 312 Defending California

Monday, 12 November 2018 by

Wendell talks about set life and speculates what his comedy set would be like if he was offered 8 million dollars to perform a half an hour.  Matt talks about a show he did early in his career.  The boys defend The State of California.

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Matt talks about eating healthy on the road, rolling blunts, jumping the shark, and movie sequels.    

Matt talks about his trip to New Orleans.  Wendell reviews “The Post.”

Matt talks about his week of travel, Craig offers up a homemade Top of The Cake, and Wendell reviews the Bill Maher anniversary special.

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New York annoyances! Top of The Cake!  Movie reviews!  Now with more Kristin than ever before.